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Lily is an F1 mini Golden doodle at Regal Doodles

Name: Safari’s Lily
DOB: 01/06/16
Breed: Goldendoodle
Generation: F1
Weight: 22 lbs
Sire: Scrappy – 14 pound red Poodle
Dam: Autumn – Golden Retriever

Health clearances: Hips, Elbows, Heart, Eyes, DNA

I've always admired red heads so I had to find one to join our pack! Reds are hard to come by and we waited almost 2 years for Lily to join us. I do try to warn people that colors fade, and Lily is a perfect example. As a puppy, she was a deep red. You can see now she has faded out considerably. She only has some of her original color left on her face. Unfortunately, the more non-shedding they are, the more they fade! Since Lily is an F1, she could shed some and she may lose less color because of that. Lily is precocious, adventurous, independent, playful and incredibly smart. She loves to get on a pool float and hang out in the pool when the kids are swimming.

Lily's Past Puppies

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Scarlett is a F2 Mini/Medium Goldendoodle at Regal Doodles

Name: Regal's Scarlett
DOB: 1/10/19
Breed: Goldendoodle
Generation: F2 
Weight: TBD
Height: TBD
Sire: Bruno - 30 pound F1b Goldendoodle
Dam: Abby - 28 pound F1b Goldendoodle

Health Clearances: TBD

Scarlett is Abby's daughter and Piper's granddaughter! It is so exciting to be able to see the culmination of years of our breeding! Scarlett is just a baby but has such a sweet, calm temperament. Can't wait to see what she will produce for us in the future!


Cleo is a F1 Mini Goldendoodle at Regal Doodles

Name: Regal's Cleo
DOB: 1/5/18
Breed: Goldendoodle
Generation: F1
Weight: 27 pounds
Sire: Judah - 18 pound Moyen Poodle
Dam: Greer – Golden Retriever

Health Clearances: Hips, Heart, Elbows, Eyes, Patellas, DNA

Cleo is closely related to our fantastic girl Lily. Cleo is a sweet happy pup who is full of life! Her guardian family has two children who were unable to have a dog before due to allergies, but Cleo has caused no problems thankfully. Cleo's babies will be F1b mini Goldendoodles.


Abby is a F1b Mini Goldendoodle at Regal Doodles

Name: Regal's Abby
DOB: 5/19/15
Breed: Goldendoodle
Generation: F1b
Weight: 28 pounds
Sire: Dash - 20 pound Moyen Poodle
Dam: Piper – 20 pound Mini Goldendoodle

Health clearances: Hips, Elbows, Eyes, Heart, DNA

Abby's mother Piper was one of our favorites so we, of course, couldn't wait to keep one of her babies! Abby is spoiled rotten in her guardian home and lives with her brother, Beau. Abby is definitely living up to our expectations and has produced some of our favorite puppies ever! She carries for parti so we potentially could get some spotted puppies in the future. If you want a puppy with a great calm temperament, Abby is your girl!

Abby's Past Puppies

Fathers Owned by Other Breeders

Dash is a moyen poodle owned by Safari Doodles


Dash Tevia is the father of several of our litters and is owned by Safari Doodles. We are so excited to be able to use this handsome boy!

Bruno is a F1b Mini Goldendoodle owned by Safari Doodles


Bruno is a 30 pound F1b Goldendoodle owned by Safari Doodles.

Retired Dogs


Kenzie is an F1 mini Goldendoodle at Regal Doodles

Name: Safari’s Kenzie
DOB: 8/03/2013
Breed: Goldendoodle
Generation: F1
Weight: 30 pounds
Height: 16.5″ at the shoulders
Sire: Scrappy – 14 pound red Poodle
Dam: Peggy – 40 pound Golden Retriever

We added Kenzie to our family because Piper was the most amazing Goldendoodle we had ever met and we decided the only way to get another girl as fantastic as Piper was to bring her sister home! Kenzie and Piper definitely have their differences. While Piper favors the poodle temperament, I’d say that Kenzie is a Golden Retriever in a fluffy body. She is very happy and nothing phases her. She can take anything my little boys can dish out. I picked her temperament especially for my boys and she hasn’t disappointed me. She is just as awesome as Piper but in very different ways! Kenzie is Pennhip certified and OFA heart certified. She is DNA clear of PRA and clear through parentage of von Willebrand’s disease.

Kenzie's Past Puppies


Piper, an F1 Mini Goldedoodle

Name: Safari’s Piper
DOB: 3/25/2010
Breed: Goldendoodle
Generation: F1
Weight: 20 pounds
Height: 15″ at the shoulders
Sire: Scrappy – 14 pound Poodle
Dam: Peggy – 40 pound Golden Retriever

Piper is a treasured member of our household. She is best friends with the kids during the day, joining in their games and my cuddle buddy at night, laying with me for as long as I let her. I really can’t say enough good things about Piper. She only barks when there is unusual activity outside of the house. She is clean, non-shedding, and so very soft. I delivered her and from the very beginning I knew she would be something special. She is quite petite for a first generation Goldendoodle, but she has no problems playing with the kids or going out and socializing at the dog park.
Piper is OFA certified for hips, patellas, and heart and CERF tested for eyes. She is DNA clear of PRA and clear through parentage of von Willebrand’s disease.

Piper's Past Puppies


Tessa is a multigenerational Labradoodle at Regal Doodles

Name: Safari’s Tessa
DOB: 3/29/2013
Breed: Labradoodle
Generation: Multigen
Weight: 48 pounds
Sire: Chip – Chocolate Multigen
Dam: Olivia – Chocolate Multigen

Tessa comes from a long line of therapy and service dogs. Her temperament is exemplary. She is mellow, intelligent and loyal. She gets along with every person and every dog. She is neither dominant nor submissive. Tessa is our hiking companion when we take the kids out to explore nature and she is a natural on the trails. She is gentle enough that the kids can hold her leash even though she is their size! Her nickname is Kangaroo because when she gets excited she bounces straight up and down right in front of me, such a clown! Tessa is OFA certified for hips, elbows, eyes and DNA tested clear of PRA. She carries for parti (which means she can produce puppies that are brown and white spotted or brown with white markings).

Tessa's Past Puppies