F1b Goldendoodle PuppiesHow do I Reserve a Regal Doodles puppy?

If you are interested in reserving a puppy from a current or future litter, the first step is to contact us via phone or email. I think it is very important that I know exactly what kind of puppy you are hoping to find for your family so that I can point you in the right direction. I want every owner to be completely happy with their new family member so if my puppies aren’t the right choice for you, I will be up front about it. No one benefits from a bad placement! Once we have talked and determined that I do have a puppy that is perfectly suited for your family, you can place the $400 deposit. Your deposit holds your spot in the litter. Regal Doodles always reserves the very first pick puppy as a potential breeder. It may happen that there is not a breeding quality puppy in the litter in which case the first depositor will get the first pick. First deposit received gets first pick, second deposit received gets second pick and so on.

How much is a Regal Doodles Puppy?

All puppies regardless of size, color or sex are $2200.

How do I choose my puppy?

At 7 weeks of age, all Regal Doodles puppies are Volhard temperament tested. The Volhard test is designed to help breeders place their pups in appropriate homes. It tests the puppies for many important factors such as sociability, play drive, stability, and dominance. Once this test is complete, families come to select their new member. The choosing process is a partnership between us and the new family. My job as the breeder is to educate you on the personality traits of each puppy. Some puppies are better suited for some homes than with others. I allow you to choose your puppy but I do retain veto right if you choose a puppy that is completely unsuited for your lifestyle. For example, if a family with three young children wants to pick the puppy that doesn’t really like lots of noise and stresses easily, that isn’t the best home for the puppy. My ultimate goal is for your new puppy to be the perfect addition and for them to live out their days as a cherished member of your family. If you live out of state and are unable to come in person to choose your new puppy, I will work with you over the phone and/or Skype to help you make your choice. I am happy to send extra pictures and videos to make your decision easier.

Should I choose a male or a female puppy?

I firmly believe that the most important factor about choosing your puppy should be the Volhard Temperament test results. I have on numerous occasions seen a family be dead-set about getting a certain sex, but in the end they would have had a better puppy for their family if they would have been open to either sex. Since your pet will be spayed and neutered anyways, let the dog’s temperament be your deciding factor.

I’ve been researching doodle puppies and I’m overwhelmed! Can you help me understand what all of this means?

Of course! I love nothing more than to talk dogs (and my husband appreciates getting a break from it). If you have lots of questions I find talking on the phone is the easiest way to explain it all, but I understand some people prefer emailing or texting. Whatever is easiest for you, works for me.

How do you raise your puppies?

Our puppies are born in my home or a trained guardian’s home and watched over carefully. Every litter is given plenty of time, attention and socialization. For the first few weeks the pups’ eyes are shut tight and they spend their time eating and sleeping. We practice Early Neurological Stimulation at this stage to promote optimum brain development. Once they get to be more interactive with the world they move to the main part of the house so that they are always part of the busy household. They get tons of attention and they get used the regular noises in the house. Once they are big enough we socialize them carefully with family and friends. Regal puppies never lack in socialization!

Where do your breeding dogs live?

All Regal breeding dogs live as loved members of the family. We do not own or use kennels for any of our dogs. Some of our breeding dogs live with us and some live in Guardian homes. On our Parents page you can see which dogs live in our home and which dogs live with a guardian. Click here to read more about Guardian homes. 

Kenzie, an F1 Mini Goldendoodle Puppy