Regal Doodles Contract and Guarantee

The following Contract and Guarantee is made between Regal Doodles and Buyer

1. General disclaimer
No breeder can state that any given Puppy will be completely free of a genetic defect. Regal Doodles screens the background of all prospective sires and dames used in the breeding program to reduce the odds of whelping a genetically inferior or defective Puppy.

2. Transferability of Guarantee
The guarantee is made only with Buyer and is not transferable to any person or entity.

3. Veterinary Inspection
Buyer agrees to take Puppy to a veterinarian for a Preliminary Examination within 72 hours following receipt of Puppy. Such examination must include a written assessment of overall fitness and wellness signed by the veterinarian. Failure to receive a Preliminary Examination will void all guarantees under this agreement, express or implied. The results of the Preliminary Examination must accompany any future request for a refund or exchange of Puppy under sections 4 or 5.

4. Money Refund 72-Hour Full Guarantee
If Puppy is found during the Preliminary Examination to have a congenital health defect, Buyer may return Puppy for (i) full refund of the purchase price, or (ii) choice of a Puppy from a future litter at the Seller’s earliest reasonable convenience. Failure to return Puppy for any congenital defect discovered in the Preliminary Examination will bar any future claim under section 5. Any amount refunded will be reduced by reasonable and documented out of pocket expenses paid by the Seller to facilitate the return of Puppy to include travel and shipping. Written notice of an intent to return Puppy must be provided to Seller within 72 hours of receipt of Puppy and must be accompanied by a copy of the Preliminary Examination. If notice is provided by e-mail, the Preliminary Examination may be provided separately by US Postal Service or express mail. Notice by US Postal Service or express mail will be effective upon postmark or time of receipt by the carrier. Notice by electronic mail will be effective at time of receipt by Seller.

5. General Health Guarantee
Following the conduct of the Preliminary Inspection and until Puppy reaches 24 months of age, if Puppy is found to have a congenital health defect that prevents Puppy from participating in normal daily activities, Seller will offer a replacement Puppy from a future litter at the Seller’s earliest reasonable convenience. A written description of the defect, a description of the degree of physical impairment and a copy of the Preliminary Examination must accompany any request for replacement of Puppy under this section 5. Buyer reserves the right, at Buyer’s expense, to have Puppy examined by a veterinarian of Buyer’s choosing. In the event that opinions of Buyer’s and Seller’s veterinarians differ, Buyer agrees that the final determination of the validity of any claim will be made by a veterinarian selected by mutual agreement of the veterinarians who provided opinions to Buyer and Seller. The cost of the deciding opinion will be paid equally by Buyer and Seller. Replacement of Puppy, if any, will be in accordance with section 9. This guarantee does not include viral illnesses, bacterial illnesses, acquired illness, vaccinosis, allergies, bites, infections, hernias, hypoglycemia, Giardia, Coccidia, indigestion of foreign objects, ingestion of food or chemicals, or physical injury.

6. Hip Guarantee
Regal Doodles guarantees the health of Puppy’s hips in the following manner:
6.1. Hips will be certifiable at a level of fair or better by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (“OFA”) prior to 25 months of age.

7. Responsibilities of Buyer
Certain activities can cause joint or other health problems. To avoid these problems, buyer agrees to the following terms. Failure to abide by any term will result in the voiding of any Guarantee in the contract, written or implied:
7.1. Buyer must have Puppy examined by a veterinarian within 72 hours of receipt of Puppy.
7.2. Buyer will not take Puppy to any public place (such as parks, pet stores, or obedience classes) until the completion of puppy shots (approximately 16 weeks) to avoid exposing Puppy to illness.
7.3. Puppy’s weight will be maintained at an appropriate level for the Puppy’s build and height. At no time is Buyer to permit Puppy to become “overweight” or “obese.”
7.4. Puppy will not be permitted to jump higher than Puppy’s elbow height during the first 12 months of Puppy’s life.
7.5. Puppy will not participate in physically strenuous activity during the first 12 months of Puppy’s life. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to verify with Regal Doodles that a physical activity does not qualify as strenuous prior to partaking in such activity. Such strenuous activity includes, but is not limited, to:
7.5.1. Long distance running
7.5.2. Flyball
7.5.3. Agility
7.5.4. Frisbee
7.5.5. Dock diving
7.6. Puppy will not be subject to frequent stair climbing during the first 12 months of Puppy’s life.
7.7. Puppy will be fed with a size appropriate, high-quality dog food or raw diet that promotes healthy bone and joint development.
7.8. Puppy will have annual veterinary check-ups with appropriate vaccinations and monthly administration of heartworm preventative.
7.9. Puppy will be kept free of all parasites.
7.10. Puppy will be kept inside Buyer’s residence.
7.11. Puppy will not be subject to physical abuse
7.12. Major trauma (example, car accident) immediately voids any Guarantee.
7.13. If hips do not meet the minimum standards listed in section 5, Buyer will provide reasonable written proof (such as veterinary documentation) that all responsibilities listed in section 6.1 – 6.11 have been met within 30 days of such request’s postmark.

8. Health Testing
Health testing will be completed in the following manner. Failure to abide by any term will result in the voiding of this and any other Guarantee, written or implied:
8.1. All hip certifications as described in sections 5 will be at the expense of Buyer.
8.2. Test results that do not meet the guarantee certification minimums described in section 5 will be accompanied by written statement from a licensed veterinarian that took the x-rays and will be communicated to Regal Doodles within thirty (30) days of receipt of test results.
8.3. Regal Doodles will have the right to retest and re-certify Puppy at their discretion and expense.

9. Replacement of Puppy
If, prior to 25 months of age, it is determined that the Puppy has failed to meet the minimum requirements of section 5 or section 6, and Buyer is able to show that it has met the requirements of this agreement, the Puppy will be replaced in the following manner:
9.1. At expense of Buyer, Puppy will be returned to Regal Doodles in healthy condition.
9.2. Buyer will provide all health records for Puppy since original receipt of Puppy.
9.3. Buyer will be placed into the current waiting list for the next available litter.
9.4. Buyer understands that replacement may not have the same parents as Puppy.
9.5. Shipping expense of replacement puppy will be at the expense of Buyer.
9.6. A new Guarantee document containing terms identical to those of this agreement will apply to the replacement puppy.

10. Right of Recovery
If Buyer cannot keep the Puppy, Seller will take back the Puppy at any time. There will be no cash refund nor will a replacement Puppy be provided.

11. Puppy Pick Upon Deposit
11.1. Puppies are offered to Buyers in order of deposits received.
11.2. Sellers reserve the right to first pick of the litter.
11.3. Buyer will be given an appointment on the litter’s picking day and time when the puppy is 7-8 weeks of age. Buyer must choose their puppy in that 1 hour appointment time in person, via phone and/or email or Buyer may loose their pick order.
11.4. Puppies must be paid in full and picked up by 8 weeks of age. Seller reserves the right to sell any Puppy not picked up by 8 weeks of age to an alternate buyer. Buyers who leave their pups after 8 weeks of age must come to an agreement with buyer prior to 8 weeks of age and will pay a $35 per day boarding fee paid in full in advance.

12. Additional Agreements
12.1. Buyer agrees to notify Seller of change of contact information of email, phone, or address.
12.2. Buyer agrees to notify Seller of any health or temperament problem in Puppy.
12.3. Both Buyer and Seller must agree to any additions or modifications in writing.
12.4. This agreement will be governed by the laws of Texas with venue in the courts of Collin County.

**There is a spay/neuter clause on this agreement if the dog is sold unaltered**
*** Some of our puppies are altered prior to leaving ***